strong powerful blue 2000mW laser powerful

high powerful blue laser pointer
waterproof 200mW   laser flashlightr powerful

Blue laser pointer flashlight 2000mW with safety switch

  • color :blue laser
  • Output power: laser 2000mW
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 137.70

  • Our Price:$ 570.10

Product Information

  • Strong powerful 2000mW blue laser pointer is the most powerful portable laser 445nm worldwide . Long distance visibility of the beam provides the ability to more great experiences engraving. It is a high performance laser burning match, cigarette , plastic and more. There are a total laser legal FDA approval for any necessary non-commercial use .
    Stable performance in continuous operation.
    Astronomy 2000mw blue laser pointer is characterized by its internal cooling system . This portable 445nm laser uses the metal heat sink cooling system to ensure the stabilization of temperature in continuous operation.
    Design high security standard.
    This laser FDA approval has designed the most powerful remote switch connector designs and safety switch . Both perfectly protect your laser unusable without authorization access .
    Solid-state laser with a high power .
    The aluminum frame can you be sure that your laser is strong and powerful enough experience in various combustion and thermal. This is a totally powerful flashlight laser pointer 2000mW smaller than ordinary flashlight blue laser pointer , you can hold the power of the laser in your hand. Laser safety glasses are a must.

  • Product Specifications :
  • Key feature: powerful blue laser
    Material : Aviation aluminum
    Wavelength: 445nm
    Output power : Laser 2000mw
    Laser range: 300-8000m
    Life Expectancy 8000 hours or more
    Input power source AC90-260V
    Storage temperature (℃) -10 To +50
    Operating Temperature (℃) 10-30
    Power supply :2 * 16340 battery battery
    Laser appearance dimension: Φ38mm × 205mm
  • high powerful blue laser pointer
  • high powerful blue laser pointer 2000mw
  • 2000mw high powerful blue laser pointer
  • Note well:
    It is an extremely powerful portable laser. Never try to move to another person, an animal and a moving vehicle.
  • Packing List:
    ● 1 * Laser Pointer 2000mw
    ● 1 * Battery Charger
    ● 1 * Security Key
    ● 1 * Power button switch
    ● 1 * Valise

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