strong powerful blue 1000mW laser powerful

powerful 1000mw blue laser pointer
waterproof 200mW   laser flashlightr powerful

Best 1000mW blue laser pointer

  • color :blue laser
  • Output power: 1000mW laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 137.70

  • Our Price:$ 341.18

Product Information

  • This Strong powerful 1000mw Blue Laser Pointer produces a beam of extremely powerful and impressive blue, this laser can burn plastic or paper in just a few seconds. The laser comes with safety glasses.This powerful 1000mw blue laser pointer is available in a variety of applications. It is hard to have a fever, because his body with high quality materials. And when you want to work away the hand, it is very convenient to re-study and experiment and stages.


  • high powerful blue violet laser pointer 1000mw

    Basic specifications:
  • wavelength: 445nm
    Laser power: 1000mW (1W) blue
    Projection distance:> 3000m
    Batteries: CR2 x 2pcs
    Battery life> 2:00
    Changeable focus (from 1cm to infinite distance)
  • Battery life: more than two hours
  •  1000mw high powerful blue violet laser pointer
  • It can be used in various scenes,such as Showroom, exhibit space, and a description of the museum
  • 1. Delicate in a hazardous location, such as civil engineering and construction
  • 2. Building site, it is most suitable for the work orders from a remote location.
  • Perfect for use in meeting the office
  • 3. Astronomy, presentation, and individual guidance.
  • 4. Conserve power, because it is durable.

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