Astronomy green 150mw laser pointer pen

green laser pointer 150mw
green 100mW laser pointer with 6 led lights 3*AAA

powerful 150mw green laser pointer pen

  • color :Green laser
  • Output power: 150mW laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 82.73

  • Our Price:$ 113.27

Product Information

  • Some green laser pointers 150mW projects light most visible green 532nm with extreme range of 4000m in the dark. This 150mW green laser pointer produces a frequency of 532 nm, and it actually exceeds their range of output power, and became the best option for stargazing , presentation pointers , pet toys and other creative purposes. Its delicate feature and sturdy construction have fascinated millions of people who have a preference for them.
    ●This powerful 150mW green laser pointer emits the most visible beam 532nm visible to the naked eye. People can have a wide beam full control of nearly 4,000 meters in the dark. Many enthusiastic disciples laser pointer choose d'avoir pleasure point star and it also serves as a gadget presentation .
    ● Beautiful color gives you visual pleasure . Outdoor 150mW green laser pointer is dazzling white shell design , it not only gives you unique pleasure , as this green laser pen can make you proud of your friends.
    ● A wide range of applications. The high quality 150mW green laser pointer has multifunctional uses in astronomy trademarks of celestial objects , support word , driving birds, blow up balloons , cut strips , etc. In addition, it is small and stylish enough for you to take no matter where you go.

    Technical parameters:
    Name: Green Laser Pointer 150mw
    Wavelength : 532nm
    Beam Color : Green
    Output power: 150mW
    Class: III
    Transverse Mode: TEM00
    Range in darkness (m): 500 -4000m
    Factor M2 < 1.2
    Beam divergence , full angle ( mrad) < 2.0
    Beam diameter at aperture ( mm) < 1.5
    Spectral linewidth (nm) <0.1
    Polarization ratio > 100:1
    Warm-up time (minutes ) <0.5
    Temperature (℃ ) 10 ~ 30
    Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -10 ~ +50
    Laser Brass
    Expected life (in hours) 5000Hours
    Dimensions of the laser head (D × L mm) Φ14mm × 171mm
    Metallic heat sink system cooling
    Supply voltage ( VDC) 2 x AAA batteries
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  • Note well :
    ● Never point at people or other living organisms directly .
    ● Please keep out of reach of children.
    ● powerful laser pens can cause damage and you must wear a pair of goggles to operate .
    Packing List :
    ● Green Laser Pointer 150mw
    ● Storage Case
    ● Manual Instruction Sheet

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