Camping 100mw green spot laser pointer pen

electronic 100mw  green spot laser pointer
electronic 100mw  green spot laser pointer

outdoor 100mw green spot laser pointer

  • color :green laser
  • size :13.5*156MM laser pen
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 26.12

  • Our Price:$ 22.82

Product Information

  • Instruction:
    A high quality 100mw green laser pointer is a small laser designed to highlight something of interest by projecting a small bright spot of colored light onto it. The laser beam is not in itself visible from the side, but is visible as a result of light scattered by dust particles along the beam path. The small width of the beam and low power of typical laser pointers make the beam itself invisible in a reasonably clean atmosphere, showing a point of light when striking an opaque surface. Some higher powered laser pointers are faintly visible via Rayleigh scattering when viewed from the side in moderately to dimly lit conditions.

  • Product Specifications :
    1.Key Feature:green laser
    2.Material: bronze
    3.Output wavelength: 532nm
    4.Output power: 100mW laser pointer
    5.Circuit control: APC
    6.Spot form: single-point
    7.Beam type: Continuous linear
    8.Beam diameter: 10 MM <φ18MM
    9.Working Current: <60mA
    10Working voltage: DC=3-3.7V
    •11.Trigger Voltage: DC = 2.6V
    12.preheat time :0 second
    13.Working temperature: +0℃~+35℃
    14.Store temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    15.Pakage: lint box
    16.Power supply: 2*AAA

  • Application:
    Powerful 100mw green laser pointer can be used in museums and all kinds of exhibitions, a very good guide for your travelling, your best Companion.
  • Best guide for the climbers and people in mountainous areas. Good tool for pointing out the faraway target and sending out the SOS signal, making your travel more fun.
  • The beauty beam light is extreme suitable use at night, which can point out the very right position of the star you are looking. A very good star-pointer
  • This laser can measure you the accurate position of the building in the faraway distance by avoiding going close to the dangerous field. Truly an very ideal replacement for your monitoring alive.
  • This is a commonly used product for meetings and conferences, let you speak out freely.
  • This is the commonly used product for demonstrations and presentations in classes, and other activities, making listeners feel release.

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