Best new Product burning match 500mw focusable red laser pointer flashlight

powerful red 500mw laser pointer
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Astronomy New Product 500mw focusable red laser pointer burning match

  • color :red laser
  • output power:500mw laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 207.91

  • Our Price:$ 382.10

Product Information

  • ●Adjustable Focus powerful 500mW red laser pointer with safety key set should be regarded as a tycoon 650nm red laser portable, as powerful as it was named . The beautiful red laser pointer with aluminum siding is strong and powerful enough to apply in different conditions , which is a shining star among all those high power red laser pointer around the world
    ● Super high power and high performance. Most high power 500mW red laser pointer is undoubtedly a big break for all mobile technologies 650nm red laser crystal structure and solid brass made ​​possible in all kinds of conditions.
    ● High quality and strict testing in production has made strong enough continuous power . This high quality 500mW red laser pointer is powerful and effective enough to burn matches pop balloons in several miles away .
    ● Careful key security design . The security key is prudent safekeeping to use and easy to control , which is a safe way to store in any use.

  • Specification
  • Technical parameters:
    1.Key Feature: Red Laser Pointer
    2.Wavelength: 650nm
    3. Output power: 500mW laser
    4.Range in darkness : 500 - 5000m
    5.Factor M2 < 1.2
    6.Beam divergence: full angle ( mrad) <10
    7.Beam diameter at aperture: ( mm) <2.5
    8.Spectral linewidth: (nm) <0.1
    9.Polarization ratio > 100:1
    10.Warm-up time (minutes ) <0.5
    11.Temperature (℃ ) 10 ~ 30
    12.Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -10 ~ +50
    13 Material: Aluminum
    14.Expected life (in hours ) 8000
    15.Dimensions of the laser head (D × L mm) Φ38mm × 205mm

    Heat sink metal
    Supply voltage (VCC) 1 × 18650
    One year warranty time
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  • Note:
    ● Never look directly into the laser beam super strong.
    ● It is pointing the laser pointer must be less than 20 seconds , 10 seconds and stop , then continue.
    ● Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Packing List :
    ● 1 red laser pointer 500mw
    ● 1 Battery Charger
    ● 1 black gift box
    ● 1 key electrical safety
    ● 1 remote key switch connector

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