Stages green laser pen 50mW

green laser pointer 50mw
Cheap green laser pen 50mW

Low price green laser pen 50mW

  • color :Green laser
  • Output power: 50mW laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 44.63

  • Our Price:$ 78.57

Product Information

  • Cheap 50mW green laser pointer is the best choice for presentation and entertainment for fans of laser and enthusiasts in our daily lives . This elegant design 532nm green laser pointer with a highly visible laser beam is particularly applicable for stargazing , presentation, pet toys and other creative experiences combustion.

  • Beam for multiple applications. Low power 50mW green laser pointer is applicable to the presentation of celestial objects , business and education, stars , toys for pets and laser performance. The greatest power from 100 mW -150 mW are powerful enough to pop balloons , burning matches, cut electrical tape and astronomical research .

  • Solid laser pointer with a firm structure. The chrome plate coated housing structure was strong enough to keep pointing in different conditions. It is specially designed in pen and you can easily carry in your hand or just chip in your pocket while no point style .

  • Technical parameters:
    Name: Green Laser Pointer
    Wavelength : 532nm
    Beam Color: Green
    Output power: laser 50mW
    Laser Class : III
    Transverse Mode: TEM00
    Range in darkness (m): 500 -4000m
    M2 factor : < 1.2
    Beam divergence , full angle ( mrad ): < 2.0
    Beam diameter at aperture ( mm): < 1.5
    Spectral linewidth (nm) : <0.1
    Polarization ratio : > 100:1
    Warm-up time (minutes): <0.5
    Temperature (℃ ) : 10 ~ 30
    Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) : -10 ~ +50
    Laser material : Brass Expected life (in hours) : 5000Hours
    Dimensions of the laser head (D × L mm) Φ14mm × 171mm
    Cooling System: metal heat sink
    Supply voltage (VDC): 2 x AAA batteries
    Warranty time: Six months
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  • Packing List :
    × 1 laser pointer
    1 x Storage Case
    Teaching card 1 × Manual

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