Best 50mw focusable red laser pointer pen

high quality red 50mw laser pointer pen
New Product high power 200mw  focusable green laser pointer pen burning  match

Whole New Product 50mw focusable red laser pointer pen burning match

  • color :red laser
  • output power:50mw laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 207.91

  • Our Price:$84.95

Product Information

  • ●If it has light beam as green laser pointers ,the stages 50mw red laser pointer Hellfire Series can release different power 5mW to 100mW, and the wavelength is 650nm . Compared to expensive green laser pointers , the cheap 50mW Red Laser Pointer is affordable for almost all laser enthusiasts .
    ● Being widely used in many conditions.It is the most versatile laser pointer our daily lives. People can use 650nm red laser pointer in research , medical treatment , military appearance and toys for pets.
    ● Much safer than powerful green laser pointers . As a custom product , high quality red laser is designed to be safe when used as intended. Due to not bright as green lasers , red laser pointer is much safer than the most popular green laser pointers .

  • Technical parameters:
    1.Key Feature:Red Laser Pointer
    2. Wavelength: 650nm
    3.Beam Color: Red
    4.Mode:transverse TE00
    5. Range in darkness (m):300 -2000m
    6.Factor M2 < 1.2
    7.Beam divergence , full angle ( mrad) <2.5
    8.Beam diameter at aperture ( mm) <2.5
    9.Spectral linewidth (nm) <0.1
    10.Polarization ratio > 100:1
    11.Warm-up time (minutes ) <0.5
    12.Temperature (℃ ) 10 ~ 30
    13.Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -10 ~ +50
    14.Material:Laser Brass
    15.Expected life (in hours) 5000 hours
    16.Dimensions of the laser head (D × L mm) Φ14mm × 171mm

  • Metallic heat sink system cooling
    Supply voltage 2 x AAA batteries
    Six months warranty time
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  • Note:
    ● Do not direct to the human person and other living things in their eyes and organs beings.
    ● Keep away from children .
  • Packing List :
    ● Laser Pointer
    ● Storage Case
    ● Manual Instruction Sheet

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