50mw Green Laser Pointer with 5000 range

50mw Green Laser Pointer with 5000 range
50mw Green Laser Pointer with 5000 range

Stage Lighting 50mw Green Laser Pointer

  • color :Green Laser
  • size :30mm*110mm laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 45.17

  • Our Price:$ 39.46

Best 50mw Green Laser Pen Product Information

  • ● It is easy to adjust to a hand Because stage lighting green is laser pointera pen-shaped, you can carry easily. And if I closed in and pencil case and chest pocket, and can be retrieved at any time.
  • ● Laser Pointer Pen type It is possible to point to the green laser irradiation firmly place a description of the purpose, it is easy to understand even for those who hear a story You can ask to see. The use of OHP and projector in the research and presentation opportunities at work destination is increasing. Than described in pointing stick, the part that points becomes easier to understand clearly, more of a description of a laser pointer, people to listen attentively Understanding also deepens.
  • High quality green laser pointer can be used in various places Because it does not scratch the surface irradiation even point to the sensitive part, showroom, exhibit space, such as a description of the museum, a variety of sea I can play an active part in the emissions.

  • Green Laser Pointer Details
  • 1.flashlight laser pointer size: 110(L) x 20(D)mm
    Lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets
    2.Built-in module is metal copper material, with good heat dissipation
    3.The torch is made of aluminum alloy material, solid and steady
    4.Fixed focus settings, focusing more stable.
    5.self-locking switch operating mode, it is very convenient to use
    6.Cheap green 50mW laser pointer could reach a range of 5000m

  • Product Specifications :
  • 1.Model Number: KGL-850
    2.Material: Copper and Aluminum
    3.Surface Treatment: Anode hardening black
    4.Operating mode :self-locking switch
    5.Power supply: 1*16340
    6.Wavelength: 532nm
    7.Output power: 50mW
    8.Laser range: 500-10000 meters
    9.Working voltage: DC3.7V
    10.Working temperature :0~+35Celsius degree
    11.N.W: 56g
    12.Fixed focus: continuous output
  • High-quality 50mw Green Laser Pointer with 5000 range
  • good quality 50mw Green Laser Pointer cheap 50mw Green Laser Pointer best 50mw Green Laser Pointer with 5000 range
  • Laser beam of outdoor green laser pointer so strong, there is a failure in the eyes. Do not look into when you use. Do not direct the eyes of others.

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