1mw presentation Laser with control distance

red laser pointer ppt presentation
Laser with control distance more than 20m

Presentation Laser with control long distance

  • color :PPT red laser
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  • Warranty: 1 year
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Product Information

  • The presentation red laser pointer Novice SP-600 is ideal for the presentation of conferences, it is compact and has an operating range of about 15 meters. Very compact, the USB receiver and laser presenter fit together to do a piece . Therefore no risk of losing the USB transmitter , sometimes miniscule on some models.
    Its red laser beam with a power less than 3 mW can point harmless objects at a distance of 200 meters. It also has two buttons Next Page / Previous Page and works without installation on all computers.
  • The long distance ppt laser pointer Novice SP 600 subject to the following characteristics :
    - Scope of Functioning : 15 meters
    - Characteristics of the laser transmitter : wavelength 670 nm, range of about 200m , power between 1 and 3 mW
    - Operating frequency (in Europe) : 433.92 MHz
  • wireless ppt presentation laser
    The laser pointer Novice SP 600 comes with the following:
    - 1 x Laser Pointer Presentation
    - 1 x wireless receiver (which can be embedded in the pointer )
    - 1 x AAA battery

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